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Welcome to Be Afraid, a Fear the Walking Dead website. We are currently at the end of season 1 or the beginning of season 2 and will be attempting to progress according to the show with events and canon actions. We have no word count and are very friendly so please feel free to drop a line in our cbox, or check out our canon list and wanted ads. We would love to have you. Remember, surviving in this world isn't easy, so please watch yourself. Sometimes the only way to survive is to be afraid.
april 10th

OPERATION BOOM: Once the military has fled, in one last ditch effort to maintain the illness that has run wild in LA. The bombs, however, did not spread super widespread pandemic as they did not have enough power or force to completely destroy more than a street at most. Many people, and the ill, have probably died, but many are left alive. With the will to survive.

april 2nd

OPERATION COBALT: The military has started to abandon their posts. Overnight. As they are leaving they are attempting to kill civilians, however, many of the soldiers are just packing up and leaving giving the citizens a chance to save themselves. See the announcement for more information.


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